Hydraulic sole press for opanka soles


The press mod. P81TS is a hydraulic sole press for compressing shoes of OPANKA and training type.
The press Mod. P81TS presents the following characteristics:
1 - The compressing bearing does not move to bring the shoe into contact with caps, but are the caps that descend to press the shoe against the bottom of the dish, allowing not to have to adjust the lenght of caps and to block the shoe.
2 - Caps descend at a low pressure and are therefore in compliance with the rule to prevent accidents.
3 - The bottoming parts compression takes place through the caps that push the shoe against a layer of resin compressed by liquid in order to have the different shapes.
4 - The compressing of heel and cap is obtained through the action of 2 hydraulic cylinders, that push two shaped rubber sections, which wrap the shoe in the toe-end and in the heel part.
5 - The side-compressing takes place with the contemporary action of two series of hydraulic pistons, that force a block of rubber to perfectly adthere to the side shape of the shoe.
6 - A series of programs introduced into the machine allow:
a) to compress the bottoming parts with different pressure of sides;
b) to compress the sides without compressing the bottoming parts;
c) to compress the bottoming parts without compressing the side.
By using this machine it is possible to obtain:
a) Better check of execution of compressing;
b) No machine stop for replacing the tyres of bearing when they puncture;
c) Economy of working, as the machine does not require great and expensive quantities of compressed air, as the old presses do for compressing.

Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 122 (48”) x 112 (44”) x 180 (71”)
Net weight: Kg 710 ( 1565 LBS)
Absorbed power: Kw 1,5
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