Heel seat pounding machines

A fast and efficient production cycle with a reduced number of issues is one of the elements that characterizes a serious and professional footwear manufacturer, making it perceived by the customers as the best choice on the market.

At Elettrotecnica B.C. we have been working alongside producers of excellence all over the world for sixty years: our technologies follow and ease the production steps of the shoe manufacturers who choose us..

One of the most requested and most appreciated machines is the heel seat pounding machine: the different models we provide can adapt to the needs of each shoe manufacturer, reaching a perfect leveling of the seat where the heel is going to be applied. Rotation speed and adjustable translation, soundproofing system and heated plate are just some of the features that make our heel seat pounding machines the best on the market.

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Macchine boettatrici 888

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Machine for the leather / synthetic draft test before seaming up the upper.

Macchine boettatrici 663

Pneumatic machine with 5 adjustable clamps, aluminum panel, mold column with stroke adjustment.
The 663 model is a machine suitable for testing leather and / or synthetic materials before being sewn onto the upper.
The 663 machine can also be used with a finished upper, since if the machine is placed side by side with a toe lasting machine it can facilitate shoe assembly preparing the upper before being mounted.

Technical details
Dimensions: cm 58 (23”) x 53 (21”) x 125 (49”)
Net weight: Kg 78 (172 LBS)
Electric Power: Kw 0,11
Mod 667/S

Lating & puonding machine with thermoplastic • PATENT PENDING •


Machine to last, pound and repair all the part of a footwear that are loose or not lasted properly.

Technical details
Dimensions: cm70(27,5”) x 70(27,5”) x 131(51,5”)
Net weight: Kg 144 (317 LBS)
Absorbed power: Kw 1,0
Mod. 667

Lating & puonding machine with thermoplastic - patent pending -


Machine to last, pound and repair all the part of a footwear that are loose or not lasted properly.

Technical details
Dimensions: cm 80 (31”) x 67 (26”) x 150 (59”)
Net weight: Kg 165 (364 LBS)
Absorbed power: Kw 1,0
Mod 888

Peening, channel tapping, flexible shoe programmed machine

  • Multifunction programmed machine adapt for shoe peening after assembly .
  • Opportunely programmed without changing any parts, the machine executes channel tapping.
  • Using the flexible shoe program, the machine executes particular cycles necessary to make thermoplastic flexible giving to the shoe a high level comfort.
Technical details
Electric Power: 575 W
Air consumption: 2,2 Lt/Min
Dimensions: Cm. 90 (35”) x 75(29”)x 165(64”)
Net weight: Kg. 255 (562 LBS)
Mod 885

Heel seat pounding machine with vibrant hammer and hot plate

  • Hell seat pounding machine with vibrating hammer ideal for tilting the heel seat.
  • Equipped with Soundproofing System.
  • Adjustable rotation speed and travel.
  • Piastra riscaldata per una migliore spianatura della boetta.
  • Heated plate for better plating of the boetta.
  • Machine cycle managed by PLC.
Technical details
Dimensions: cm 65 (26”) x 85 (33”) x 159 (63”)
Net weight: Kg 370 (816 LBS)
Electric Power: Kw 0,5
6 bar air consumption: 15 lt/cycle
Hourly production: 1000 / 1500


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