Innovation means being always one step ahead of what the market and customers may ask for. At Elettrotecnica B.C. we always try to express our concept of innovation through the technologies we design and propose: among these, a special place goes to our sterilization machines.

To ensure hygiene and cleaning for anyone who wants to try on a pair of shoes, we have designed different models for sterilizing the shoe: after a first phase in which infrared rays act to quickly and uniformly stabilize the temperature, special bactericidal UV lamps spring into action so completing the sterilization process.

This patented machine series is ideal both for sterilizing large quantities of footwear, thanks to the automatic conveyor belt with adjustable speed, and to give customers who enter a shoe shop the certainty of trying and wearing clean and sterilized shoes, using the manual model.

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Sterilizzazione 101 BIANCA

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Sterilizing machine for footwear in box - Patented -


Treatment of sterilization of footwear in box with double combined treatment:

  • First part; heat from quartz lamps in order to quickly stabilize and in homogenous shape the temperature of the shoe
  • Second part; with bactericidal lamps UV.

This treatment eliminates all those bacteria that form mildews on the skin or woven footwear, in particular the bacterium Aspergillus Niger
that is also cause of pulmonary allergies to the persons. For the footwear, in fact, is much frequent that after the travels in container
or long time store in the warehouses, stores etc, the shoe loses the brilliance originates, showing white shadows and opaque (mildews).
With the mod. 101 eliminates the bacteria that insure favorable climatic conditions begin a process of multiplication giving therefore
beginning to mildews, much unaesthetic.
The mod. 101 the much most hygienic one guarantees a product at the same time.
Equipped of automatic conveyor, with speed adjust for the various output requirements.

On request automatic spray system for anti-mildews product (PATENTED).

Technical details
Dimensions: cm 100(39”) x280(110”) x143(56”)
Net weight: Kg 200 (416 LBS)
Power supply: V 220
Electric power: Kw 4,1


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