Hydraulic presses for BANF insoles fixing

The distinctive feature of the technologies produced by Elettrotecnica B.C. team it is the high adaptability; in fact, along sixty years of activity, we have come in contact with many different realities within the footwear production field, whose needs are encouraging us to always find a more innovative, more functional, more effective system than the previous one.

This feature is reflected in our BANF hydraulic presses for insoles fixing: the production rate is higher than any other on the market, thanks to the approach speed of the pistons. In addition, in some models we bring an even greater innovation: we have in fact developed a technology for inserting the insole exactly in the desired position inside the mold and to keep it locked during the pressing phase.

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Presse idrauliche per garbare sottopiedi BANF P64 Sur

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Hydraulic press for insoles


Machine very noisless, it permits a production higher than any other in trade, for its approach speed of the pistons.
The dimensions of the pistons, with large diameter, permit high power in tons, without high-pressure working, therefore with a greater safety of employment.
Its hydraulics system, easy and practical, is the better warranty of elimination of any trouble and obstacle.

Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 90 x 67 x 165
Net weight: Kg 620
Absorbed power: Kw 1,5
Obtenible power: T 32
Planes port: mm 230


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