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The footwear production field is quite complicated: one of the reasons is the great variety of existing shoe models, each with its own special features and processing requirements.

At Elettrotecnica B.C., in sixty years of history and experience, we have got in contact with many manufacturers and consequently with many different types of footwear and models; we know how important it is to find technologies being able to satisfy the largest number of needs. For this reason, our machines are always built to be very adaptable: our brushing machines, for example, are unique in the world for their capability to brush both shoes and boots. By being able to use a single technology to complete this phase of the production process, the manufacturer will save a lot in terms of costs and time.

Our series of brushing machines is patented for the ergonomic line: find out the model that best suits your needs, browse our catalog!

Spazzolatrici 74

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Brushing machines for soles, shoes and boots - Patented


Brushing machine with 2 vortex (only for mod. 70), digitai inverter, double speed system, 3hp motor, without centrai motor for better use of boots, inside light.

Technical details
Dimensions: cm 127(50”) x 127(50”) x 157(60”)
Net weight: Kg 260 (573,2 LBS)
Electric power: Kw 4,4
Daily production: 200 pairs/hour


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