Insoles moulding press with manually leading, automatic unleading, with conveyor and collecting insoles


With this machine we have optained something that till now has never been realized: the insole pressing inserted in the stamp in the wanteed position, in order to avoid eventual movings during the pressing operation.
This is possible using the belt conveyer which allows:
1 - to put the insole on the belt against some indicated points allowing so the repetition of the series.
2 - to have the pressing with the insole always stopped in the wanteed position during the same, as, mean while the stamp goes down and begins to press on the insole, the insole it is stopped in the original position through a tightened belt till that there is contact with the counterstamp.
Of course, in conseguence of the belt conveyer, during the pressing the operator of the machine must put on the belt another insole in the right position of centering, as when the timer of the pressure time open the stamps, automatically there is the pressed insole
discharge and the charge of the new to be pressed.
The machine has two oleodynamic autocompensating cylinders on which there are the counterstamps in order to allow the use of couple of stamps which are already used on other machines; as with our press is possible to use each type of stamp even if produced by other firms.
The used belt allow to warrentee a medium validity from 1 to 3 months each, this depending from the done work and particularly to the counterstamp preparation which have not to have corners or cutting edges which can damage the belt.
The output can vary from 600 to 900 pairs each hour:
1 - adjusting the pressing timer from 1 to 6 seconds;
2 - raising or reducing the feeding speed.
The oleodynamic and pneumatic parts are closed in sure panels and are always ready for an easy checking.
The electric plant positioned in the front of the machines has been studied in order to give more guarantee for the during and functionality time, as the electric power of the electrovalve and of the contacts is of 24 Volts each.
In the plant there is insereted a safety system with a photoelectric cell barrier which protect the operator against eventual incidents in the case that he puts the hands or something other in the same during the pressing operation.

Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 116 (43”) x 167 (65”) x 200 (78”)
Net weight: Kg 1800
Absorbed power: Kw 5,5 + 0,5
Power: Tonn. 68
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