Programmed hydraulic press for press, plate and punch leather - PATENT PENDING -

Presse placcatrici idrauliche con carrello automatico BANF P80TS

The hydraulic press uses a self-learning program system that guarantees maximum precision as well as the simplicity of processing variations. Used for embossing, plating, punching, for processing all types of leather and/or synthetic materials.

The main characteristics are:

  1. Planned work pressures;
  2. Planned cycle times;
  3. Planned processing temperatures;
  4. The simplicity of program management;
  5. Its high speed of approach and opening;
  6. Its absolute silence.
Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 180 x 165 x 155 (71) x (65”) x (61”)
Net weight: Kg 1360 (2998 LBS)
Motor power: HP 4
Heating: Kw 4
Planes: mm 500 x 600 (20” x 24
Aperture: mm 75
Assorbed power: 25,5 kW
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