Seat and side lasting machine, thermoplastic


Machine for the lasting of heel seat and waist in one operation only, adaptable to any traditional pulling-over and lasting machine. Touch screen program system. Video diagnostic system. Video program of all working data. The lasting of the heel-seatand the side can be realized with thermoplastic or neoprene. The machine have been studied so that it is possible to change working from low to high heel quickly and with minimal adjustments. Two adjustable pincers, delivered as optional, allow the automatic upper pulling in order to obtain the maximal adherence. According to the kind of working the machine has 3 different possibilities of sequence for the waist lasting. Tool box included. Setting connection with mod. 231, 284.

Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 150 (60”) x 120 (47”) x 205 (80”)
Net weight: Kg 200 (440 LBS)
Electric Power: 0,7 Kw
Air consumption: 9,5 lt/pair
Daily production: 1400 pairs
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