Pneumatic assembling for soles complete at 1 station


Pneumatic assembling machine programmed for soles with blowing up bell

  • Double inner chamber, one first pressure, one second pressure
  •  Adapted to whichever type shoe and boot
  • Equipped of photoelectric cells for starting the automatic cycle and, for the emergency of the operator
  • The shoe support is adjustable in vertical and horizontal
  • New cycle of release that allows to speed the cycles and to diminish the air consumption and the usury of rubbers
  • It has a air storage cell and a pneumatic system with double capacity of vacuum.Adjustable times of first and second press individually until 30"
  • Adjustable pressures first and second press individually
Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 90 (35,4”) x 65 (25,6”) x 170 (67”)
Net weight: Kg 250 (551LBS)
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