Heel lasting machine with nails


The mod. 689 is a heel lasting machine with nails with wipers with removable pins. This allows of being able to carry out workings from man, woman, child only replacing the heel band.
The mod. 689 is adapted to work with nail from 6mm to 12mm. The nail loader is of simple and express taking apart for the
normal maintenance. The mod. 689 hase moreover the possibility to work with extracting heel band a1lowing to verify the correct distribution of the leather in the heel, and therefore of being able to correct eventual imperfections before putting the nail. Ali the parts in motion are set in action from a hydraulic system in order to guarantee a highest reliability. Like alL the products of the Elettrotecnica B.C. also the mod. 689 come subordinate to numerous tests of reliability and quality in order to guarantee to the customers a product with the better relationship quality/price.

Technical details
Daily Production: 280 pairs/hour
Working pressure: 4 Mpa
Electric Power: 2 Kw
Dimensions: cm. 82 (32") x 160 (62") x 200 (79")
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