Side lasting machine


Lastin machine with hot melt rod adhesive application.
The machine is complete with a range of all the components necessary for adaptation for different work operations:

  • Tapered roller speed variator.
  • Glue and tapered rollers pedal control (aut/man).
  • Pounding roller temperature control.
  • Pounding roller angle adjustment.
  • Pounding roller pressure adjustment.
  • Adhesive quantity precision control.
  • Continuous adhesive supply with pedal control.
  • Electronic adhesive temperature adjustment.
  • Easy removable glue melter.

The various adjustment control system make this machine ideal for all types of materials and shoe models/lasting.

Technical details
Dimensions:cm 62 (24”) x 80 (31”) x 175 (69”)
Net weight:Kg 220 (485 LBS)
Electric power:Kw 0,75
Daily production:1000- 1400 pairs
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