Rotary hot&steam tubular mocassins conditioner 4 pairs and 8 places


Tubular mocassins uppers, insole strobel stitched uppers. It is also possible to condition the finished mormal or sport shoes.

Upper are loaded by the operator on the alu-moulds in shortened position, then they are extended and broughtto the original size. According to the type of required conditioning they can be processed by heating and manually treated by a rubberised hammer or by a small pneumatic pounding hammer.

• Loading of the upper onto the moulds are facilitated by shortening of the alu-moulds.
• Electronic control with digital visualization of heated moulds temperatures.
• Each mould is studied and prearranged for its extension on two size.
• The moulds are constructed according to the shape of customer's last.
• Preheating position for the moulds waiting to be employed.

Technical details
Dimensions: cm 122 (48”) x 70 (27”) x 164 (64”)
Daily production: 1000 pairs
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