Electro-pneumatic machine programmed to humidify toe and side also reactivate the toe before lasting. - patented -

Macchine umidificatrici Mod.181TS

The upper is in direct contact with the heated pad, humidifying the toe and side areas in a few seconds.
An important feature of this machine is the fact that the steam is instantly produced in a small boiler,
hence avoiding possible spots on the shoe upper and significantly reducing water consumption and limestone problems.
Featuring a new steam injection system from the lining side. Auto-programmed colour display.

  • The toe lasting programme can be synchronised with the humidifier programme.
  • Steam injection on the upper side and the tip lining side.
  • The steam on the leather side and the upper lining side can be excluded.
  • 30% energy saving.
  • All materials are auto-programmed.
Technical details
Air consumption at 6 Bar: 7 Lt/Min
Dimensions: cm. 36 (14”) x 59 (23”) x 132 (52”)
Net weight: Kg. 57 {126 LBS)
Electric power: 1,7 kW
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