Sterilizer for shoes / manual boxes shop - Patent Pending -



With the ELETTROTECNICA B.C. sterilizing machine the customer is sure to try a clean and sterilized shoe !


During the automatic sterilizing cycle a special heating system brings the shoe to an ideal temperature makes more confortable the tried shoe.

  1. With a simple operation put the shoe choosed by the customers into the machine.
  2. When the door is closed start a heating cycle,  carried out by a special heating  system,  in a few seconds the shoe is at the right temperature.
  3. When the shoe reaches the right temperature, special “uvc” lamps start the sterilizing cycle.
  4. When the red light turns off the shoe is sterilized and worm.

The shoe at the right temperature is more flexible, giving the right sensation of comfort.

In the first moments when you wear a new footwear you can’t feel the proper degree of comfort that the shoe can give.

Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 50 x 60 x 125
Net weight: Kg 90
Electric power: Kw 3
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