Hydraulic presses for BANF insoles fixing

The distinctive feature of the technologies produced by Elettrotecnica B.C. team it is the high adaptability; in fact, along sixty years of activity, we have come in contact with many different realities within the footwear production field, whose needs are encouraging us to always find a more innovative, more functional, more effective system than the previous one.
This feature is reflected in our BANF hydraulic presses for insoles fixing: the production rate is higher than any other on the market, thanks to the approach speed of the pistons. In addition, in some models we bring an even greater innovation: we have in fact developed a technology for inserting the insole exactly in the desired position inside the mold and to keep it locked during the pressing phase.
Do you want to find all about the technical features of our BANF hydraulic presses for insoles fixing? Browse the catalog!

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