Machine for the flat knitting of the 2d/3d uppers


Machine for the flat knitting of the uppers, belonging to the second generation. The machine is in possession of unique functions in the field of flat knitting for footwear, among which: dynamoelectric cam, bidirectional narrowing function, forced overturning function, bilateral point function, needle adjustment function and multi-needle gauge and processing function of the left and right shoes. The maximum reachable speed of 1.7 m/s saves time increasing the production and processing of the upper. The machine is equipped with a dual-core CPU processor that allows to optimize and make flat knitting work easier, giving the possibility to customize the type of processing. System memory can be extended in an unlimited way and can save an infinity number of models. The excellent operating system installed, requires only a drawing layer to identify the inlays and knitting stitches needed for processing.

  • DINAMOELECTRIC CAM: it can reach the needle for knitting and tuck tightly, with the possibility of adjusting the sealing intensity and the
    processing of the upper in 3D;
  • BIDIRECTIONAL RESTRICTION FUNCTION: with regard to the difficult processing of some particular fabrics, this function allows to
    considerably reduce the knitting line by working simultaneously on both sides and improving the efficiency of the machine to 90%.
  • FORCED OVERCURRENT FUNCTION: function that solves the global problem of closing the first needle in single or double jersey fabrics
  • BILATERAL POINT FUNCTION: with the simple change of production values, the bilateral point can be adjusted to control the length of the upper.
  • LEFT / RIGHT SHOES KNITTING CONTINUES: the fabric of the shoes can be knitted continuously with the possibility to set separately the amount of shoes left and right.
  • FOUR WIRE POWER SUPPLIES: the machine allows the use of four wire feeders on each side during the knitting of waste cotton. Compared to the ordinary type, the line and quantity of waste cotton is reduced to 90%.
  • INTELLIGENT PROGRAM: ability to display the positioning of the inlays and knit stitches with a single layer, without the need to add additional images or layers to the program.
  • CROSSED SINKER: crossed sinker is suitable for 3D fabric molding in one pass


  • Needle: 12G, 14G, 7-14G multimeter.
  • Knitting system: 2D / 3D.
  • Knitting speed: Maximum speed 1.7 m / sec; 24-section programmable speed.
  • Needle actuator: 8-position electronic actuator.
  • Sinking system: Cross bar, stepper motor drive, can be adjusted according to the different , obtaining various shapes and patterns.
  • Spot density: The control of the 32-section stepper motor controls measurement, the adjustable range is 0-650.
  • Transfer system: Front and rear, which do not affect the direction of the cart.
  • Take down device: High roller device that can make it easier and more precise.
  • Electric motor rod: The electric motor drives the rod for greater accuracy.
  • Adjustable fold: The density is adjustable.
  • Forward spinning device: Roller wire feed device or wire storage ordering device to guarantee timely yarn delivery.
  • Yarn feeder: 2 * 8 sets of wallets are located on the left and right side.
  • Guide system: Belt drive, AC servo motor control.
  • Data entry: Through the U disk, is possible connect the computer to enter the data.
  • Protection: Automatic stop device in case of breakage of the yarn, knot of the yarn, dosing, percussion, completion, overload, designated start and end, program error, etc.
  • Safety device: The machine is equipped with a carter to reduce noise and dust, the protective cover is equipped stop sensor , emergency stop, device shutdown and alarm indicator.
  • Control system: The screen adopts an industrial LCD display with graphic touch control. The memory extension is 1G .
Technical details
Dimensions: cm 297(117") x 94(37") x 2010(791")
Net weight: Kg 1145 (2524LBS)
Electric power: Kw 2,0
Voltage: 220 V
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