Heel and side lasting machine with fingers groups, programmed with thermoplastic

  • Machine for the lasting of heel seat and waist in one operation only, adaptable to any traditional pulling-over and lasting machine.
  • Touch screen program system .
  • Video diagnostic program of all working data.
  • The lasting of the heel-seat and the side can be realized with thermoplastic or neoprene.
  • The machine have been studied so that it is possible to change working from low to high heel quickly and with minimal adjustments.
  • Two adjustable pincers, delivered as optional, allow the automatic upper pulling in order to obtain the maximal adherence.
  • Acording to the the kind of working the machine has 3 diferent possibilities of the waist lasting. Tool box included.
  • Setting connection with mod. 231, 284
Technical details
Dimensions: cm 130 (52") x 135 (54") x 138 (55")
Net weight: Kg 800 (1764 LBS)
Gross weight with crate: Kg 1000 (2205 Lbs)
Electric power: 5 Kw
Air consumption 4 Bar: 5 Lt/Min.
Daily production: 180 Pairs/hour
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