Lasting machine

  • Adjustable in front and back part applicator
  • Applicator with interchanging head
  • Applicator with automatic left and right
  • Wipers system long lasting
  • 9 pincers
  • Revolving pincer 5
  • Last support double release (with mechanical detecting for stop precision)
  • Setting position of pincers adjustable separately between the left and right pincers group
  • Setting position of pincers with horizontal opening for a quickly use of the different lasts models
  • Independent side bands and Teflon band.
  • Optical projector
  • Last support adjustment with external handles
  • Pressing pressure, Teflon band, side bands, spoon wipers, climb applicator, low pressure pincers, pincers closing, all external adjustable with reading manometer.
  • Tool box included
  • Single pincers opening
  • Video with program
  • Setting connection with mod. 140, 241S, 182, 230, 241.
Technical details
Daily Production: 250 pairs/hour
Working pressure: 5 Mpa
Dimensions: Cm 114 X 183 X 210
Net weight: Kg 1100
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