Hot Melt Dispenser


Model 60 is an Hot Melt glue dispensing device that allows you to speed up and
improve quality in the stitching process of uppers, wallets, belts, bags and leather goods.
Generally, the glue remains active for over 20 hours, allowing the pieces to be glued to be prepared and then coupled at a later time.
Cleanliness and precision: smudges created with the classic brush are avoided, obtaining a much cleaner and more precise processing.
Productivity: a few seconds to apply the glue even in parts with very complicated curves and angles.
Savings: no waste of glue, brushes and containers.

Technical details
Dimensions: Cm 70 (28”) x 320 (125”) x 175 (69”)
Net weight: Kg 1,1 (2,4LBS)
Absorbed Power: Kw 0,15
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