High performance heat setter with autosetting thermal treatment double, indipendent, With final temperature reducer and inspiration hood


Machine to stabilize with hot steamed air all kind of footwear on last. System of automatic calculation rifle steam and temperature in relation of the output production. Visualization given of production and time of permanence of the footwear. Visualization percentage of humidity.
Program preset up to you for the different chamber and material with possibility to set the heat treatment to article. Automatic movement conveyor depending to the request temperature. Fast reduction of the temperature in excess. System touch-screen video colours. System searches breakdowns automatic with resolution of the problem.
System of heat reduce on shoe to the exit of the thermal treatment.

  • Times of the adjustable thermal treatments until 25” - Temperature of the treatments adjustable until 200°C (392°F)
  • Percentage of adjustable humidity until to one production of 3500cm3/h of steam
  • Heat climate room, conveyor belt and steamer are in stainless steel materia
Technical details
Daily Production: 2000 pairs in 8 hours
Dimensions: cm 130 (51”) x 230 (91”) x 161 (63”)
Net Weight: Kg 510 (1124LBS)
Gross weight with crate: Kg. 634 (1398 LBS)
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