Programmed chillsetter and sterilizing units


The programmed conditioning unit makes it possible to cool rapidly all the shoes previously treated with heat by resolving the problems related to rapid work cycles

  • it accelerates the stabilization times of the footwear and the polymerization times of the water-based glues, guaranteeing perfect adhesion
  • it cools and stabilizes in short time soles and shoes produced by polyurethane machines
  • compatible with all workplace systems,
  • a full color touch screen makes it simple for operators to use. Operators are further helped by having a series of pre-configured materials ready for use
  • he new system is equipped with work cycles, which make it possible to set the machine to load and unload from the same side.
  • programmed optimization of the extra ventilation data, in order to obtain the maximum cold stabilization.
  • he program is equipped with a function that automatically calculates the time the shoe must stay in place based on the type of material and production. All this is combined with the sterilization treatment of the shoe featuring a combined double treatment:
  • First part: heat from quartz lamps to stabilize quickly and homogeneously the temperature of the shoe
  • Second part: with UV bactericidal lamps.

This treatment eliminates all the bacteria that form mold on the leather or textile of shoes, in particular the Aspergillus Niger fungus that can cause pulmonary allergies in people. It frequently happens that after trips in containers or a long time sitting in a box in a warehouse or shop, a shoe will lose its original shine, and show white and opaque marks (mold). This treatment eliminates the bacteria that in certain environmental conditions can multiply and lead to mold, making the shoe look unattractive.

Technical details
Production diaria: 1000 pairs in 8 hours
Dimensions: cm 100(39,5”) x 390(154”) x 181(71,5”)
Net weight: Kg. 690 (1521 LBS)
Electric power: Kw 14,6
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