Conveyor belt cold conditioning unit


The programmed conditioning unit permits rapid cooling, of all the footwear previously Heat-treated, resolving problems deriving from rapid work cycles

  • It accelerates stabilisation times of the footwear and the polymerisation times of the water based cements, guaranteeing perfect sealing
  • it rapidly cools and stabilises soles and shoes produced by the p.u.
  • machines rink system compatible, - a touch screen colors permits to simplifying use for the operator.
  • pre configured a series of materials which are ready for use. - the new system is equipped with work cycles, in which is possible configure the machine to have load and unload from the same part.
  • optimization extra ventilation programmed cycle, to get the maximum cold stabilization.
  • the program is fitted with a function to calculate automaticly the permanent time of the footwear in base of the material type and the productivity that you want.
Technical details
Daily production: 2000 pairs in 8 hours
Dimensions: cm 100(39,5”) x 390(154”) x 181(71,5”)
Net weight: Kg 690 (1521 LBS)
Electric power: 18,6 kW
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