Line of boots iron machines - patented


The new series of boots iron planned from Elettrotecnica B.C., it is born with the idea to help the shoe factory to increase the quality of the product, reducing to the maximum ali the times of change working (es. fast substitution of the leg). All the models are equipped of digital thermocontrol (in order to guarantee the maximum precision in maintaining the set up temperature).

  • Independent regulation of the leg pressure opening
  • Mechanical detention adjustable leg opening, in order not to deform the leg with delicate materials

The mod. 450 and 452 are equipped motorized system leg spino Single or simultaneous spin of the leg, selectable through a button. The motorized spin allows in beyond stopping itsell in whichever point of the 360°, to take part on the leg in order then to decide to leave again in hour or counter-clockwise sense. Elettrotecnica B.C. has inserted the maximum expression of innovative technology in modeI 452 adding in this machine a revolutionary system 01 ironing by air of the leg studied and patented in order to guarantee the principle rendered with the minimal effort and therelore reduced times. In fact in the linal part of the heat blower we have inserted the check so as to manage the ironing without use any pedals. For the production of the warm air/ steam has used the technology of the thermoironing machine known and appreciated in ali the markets of the world. Optional for ali the models:

  • the new leg with draft in heel (Patented)
  • Kit attack leg Cogliati type.
Technical details
Dimensions: cm 106(42”)x 91(36”)x140(55,5”)
Net weight: Kg 250 (551,5 LBS)
Electric power: 1 Kw
Air consumption: 10 Lt/Min
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