Ironing workstation

On which features we at Elettrotecnica B.C. are focusing more when we design and create new technologies? Certainly, a particular thought is dedicated to working comfort: our machinery must not only be efficient and fast, but must also be easy to use in order to facilitate the operators’ work while using them.
This is why our ironing systems are particularly appreciated by customers all over the world: the handle is ergonomic, light and easy to manage. Since they are easily used do not need for force on the part of the operator, the ironing systems are among the most chosen machines in our catalog.
Another reason for their high demand is the range of possibilities they offer for ironing: one or two irons, digital regulation and temperature control, availability of an iron for shoes and leather goods. In addition to being ergonomic, the machines are of course totally safe since the handle and highly thermally insulated.
Would you like to know all about our models and find out which is the most suitable for your needs? Browse the catalog!

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