Ironing machines

Our company, for over sixty years, has firmly believed in the power of innovation and technology. Our efforts are always aimed at finding new solutions, and this desire to design unprecedented technologies has allowed us to improve our customers’ work thanks to our patented systems.
Our ironing machines make no exception: the presence of hot air and steam, with digital temperature setting and reading, allows to obtain a perfect ironing, with no defects, for excellent quality.
This technology has been designed with two workstations side by side: the first is equipped with ironing rollers heated by a hot air and steam mixture, essential for ironing and the elimination of the shoe creases, while the second allows the operator to automatically power a rebut hammer when needed. In addition, thanks to a pedal that can be powered by the operator himself, the hot air flow will stop, leaving only the steam to soften the skin.
Our technologies are designed for reducing effort and processing times: find out the ironing machines in the catalog!

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