Hydraulic plating presses with BANF manual carriage

One of the main criteria for choosing your supplier of footwear manufacturing machines is the relationship between the quality of what is offered and its price. When a manufacturer chooses Elettrotecnica B.C., the parallelism is no longer so linear: our work, in fact, is not limited only to the supply of machinery. Our sixty years’ experience let us offer a range of complementary services, such as 360° support both for customers who are starting footwear production and for those who are already established in the field, in order to stay updated within the market according to new trends and technologies.
The same applies when we are asked for BANF hydraulic plating presses with manual carriage: we know how to recommend the best model according to the customer’s needs that we are facing with, his production method and the amount of footwear he intends to process.
Our BANF hydraulic plating presses are silent, wearing resistant (therefore need very low maintenance requirements), able to finish the desired design plating in a short time, thus increasing production speed: find out all models with manual carriage in our catalog!

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