Hydraulic plating presses with BANF automatic carriage

A technology can be defined as excellent not only when it is high performing, but also when it is easy to use and resistant to time and wear. For this reason, we at Elettrotecnica B.C. always try to devise solutions that provide unparalleled performance together with a very low maintenance requirement.
Our series of BANF hydraulic plating presses with automatic carriage has been designed according to the following standard: the machines simplicity and the way they are built will not require frequent interventions or repairs on behalf of our team, a key element to keep production flow with no breaks. The different models can meet the most varied needs, thanks to tops different sizes; moreover, the approach and opening speed together with the absolute lack of noise during the operational phase make these technologies very popular with shoe manufacturers and manufacturing companies that have to plate the desired design on their product.
Would you like to find out what makes our BANF hydraulic plating presses with automatic carriage special? Browse the catalog!

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