Pre-assembly machines

In sixty years of activity, we at Elettrotecnica B.C. have always put a special focus on footwear manufacturers and their needs: for this reason, every day we strive to find solutions to problems and needs that a precision work requires, which must always be perfect in every slightest detail.
One of our designed technologies regards our pre-assembly machines: how can we facilitate the phase in which the front part of the shoe is assembled, which can differ so much between one model and another? And here is our answer: Elettrotecnica B.C. is equipped with an intuitive self-adjustment system that allows you to produce any type of footwear for women, men, children as well as Safety Shoes.
A complete range of adjustable parameters and highly performing technical features complete the precision and functionality of these machines.
Find out all the details and models of the pre-assembly machines on our catalog!

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